Yakamoto Kotzuga

Yakamoto Kotzuga (whose real name is Giacomo Mazzucato) is one of the youngest and talented italian musician, producer and sound designer.

This 22 year old eclectic artist (who is now finishing his studies at the Venice Conservatory) is capable of captivating beats, warm guitar riffs and breathtaking melodies that grow till the final explosion. His first EP comes out in 2013 for Bad Panda Records and it’s called “Room Of Emptiness”. A few months later, he releases “Lost Keys & Stolen Kisses” for Highlife Recordings. The positive impact of his work on the critics leads Yakamoto to produce some works for Ghemon and Mecna, together with remixes and collaborations, such as the selection of the song “Your Smell” for the Vogue’s Paris Fashion Week reportage.

In 2014 he wins an artistic residence in Fabrica (the Communication and Research Center of the Benetton group) where he works as composer and sound designer, creating soundtracks for documentaries, artistic installations and Benetton’s commercials.

Yakamoto Kotsuga also co-works with some of the most well-known italian designers, such as Chiara Boni: in fact, in October 2015, he releases the official set for Chiara’s New York Fashion Week catwalk. Furthermore, his song “Futile” is the soundtrack of the first 360° virtual reality italian videoclip, produced by Cattleya.

Currently Yakamoto is working on his new project, due to be released by the end of 2017. He wants to contaminate his music with different sounds, from hiphop to classical music. That’s why he keeps looking for international artists to co-work with.

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