Tony Canto

Tony Canto is a Sicilian songwriter, composer, producer, arranger and guitarist.

Graduated in law, he studied guitar with Franco Mussida (PFM) and he has been attracted by the Brazilian world, playing bossa nova and being very fascinated by the shades of the music of that country. His style is an ideological bridge between Sicilian and Brazilian music.

Thanks to his curiosity towards South American culture, Tony played all over the continent with important local artists such as Marcelo Costa, Maria Bethania e Adriana Calcanhoto. Moreover, he worked for albums in which played musicians like Bollani, Bosso, Mesolella, Spinetti, Smoke (Tom Waits) and many more.

His artistic versatility is shown in many activities in music, cinema and theatre.

As a songwriter he wrote for Nina Zilli, Mannarino, Patrizia Laquidara, Musica Nuda (Petra Magoni e Ferruccio Spinetti), Pilar, Bungaro.

As a singer-songwriter he released four albums: “Il visionario” (2007), “La strada” (2009), “Italiano federale” (2011) e ”Moltiplicato” (2016). In the last one there’s an Italian version of “Cajuina” (Caetano Veloso) in Fado style, approved by Caetano Veloso himself.

As a producer and arranger he worked for Mannarino’s “Bar Della Rabbia”, “Supersantos”, “Al Monte” e “Apriti Cielo”; together with Arancia Sonora on “Magneti” by Mario Venuti; he worked on “Indirizzo portoghese” by Patrizia Laquidara and produced “Sartoria italiana fuori catalogo” by Pilar. He also contributed to a pre-production for Zucchero.

For the big screen he collaborated with Paolo Buonvino on the soundtracks of “La Vita Come Viene”, “Manuale D’Amore” and “La Matassa”. Tony composed the soundtrack for the movies “La Prova” by Ninni Bruschetta and “Le Maniglie Dell’Amore” by A.Tamburini. His song “Ti amo Italia” has been chosen as main track in Massimo Andrei’s movie “Benur” (music by Nicola Piovani) for which he won the Mario Camerini award for best original song in 2013.

In theatre he composed and played for “Lavori In Corso” by Claudio Fava, directed by Ninni Bruschetta. He also cured the show “Malarazza”, homage to Domenico Modugno’s Sicilian repertoir.

Moreover, he’s the author of the song “A mare si gioca”, bittersweet poem performed by Nino Frassica at the 2016 Sanremo Festival.

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