Stefano Della Casa

Born in Genova, Italy, Stefano Della Casa started his classical studies at the conservatoire of music at the age of 11, where he studied Cello and Piano. At the age of 16 he picked up a bass guitar and realised that his future was not in classical music. His move to London in his early twenties heralded the start of a career in pop music, where he began working as session bassist and cellist and started writing and producing music.

His compositions and productions have been regularly featured on BBC Radio and began attracting the attention of Music Publishers both in Europe and the US

In 2016, he was discovered by Ultra Music during a trip to New York with UK artist Hannah Scott. At the same time he was offered a publishing deal with Sugar Music and he later went on to sign a co-publishing deal with both Ultra Music Publishing Europe and Sugar Music Italy in March 2017.

Stay tuned!

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