Matteo Curallo

Matteo Curallo, is an eclectic composer, songwriter, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, who explores a wide range of music styles. He is an Electronic-Music Composition graduate and he is a Sound Design lecturer on contract at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan.


In the 2000’s he composed for theatrical shows such as “Il Deserto dei Tartari”, “Polvere”, “Il Piccolo Principe”, “La Gabbianella e il Gatto”, which have been performed both in Italy and abroad.

In 2008, with the Nut Performance Group, he won Gran Premio della Giuria del Jongeren Performance Festival of Groeningen: the jury unanimously awarded “Le 7 Solitudini” for the high level of the execution, the innovation of the performance and the the opera and for the great mix of visual art, movement, use of words and live elettronic music.

In 2009 Curallo produced some songs for the show “Concerto Senza Titolo” with Antonella Ruggiero for the Gobetti Theatre in Turin for the Prospettiva09 Festival, in collaboration with ClubtoClub and ContemporaryArtPiemonte. In 2010, together with the theatrical group La Quarta Scimmia he won the Nuove Sensibilità award for the show “Velvet Bunny”. Since 2011 he has been working in the theatrical show "Chelsea Hotel" with Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi and Massimo Cotto. He also plays the piano and sings in “Musical Light”, a short history of musical. In 2012 he debuted with “Trentennanti”, a show show dedicated to music and images created by Licio Esposito, where Matteo plays his own songs.


Besides some short films, in 2012 he worked on music and sound engineering for the horror movie “Evil Things”, which gave him a nomination for best soundtrack at the Rome Film Festival 2013. The title track “Hey Sister” (written by Violante Placido and arranged by Matteo) has been nominated at the Nastri D’Argento 2013 for best original song. He collaborated to creation of the music for “Presto Farà Giorno“, debut film by Giuseppe Ferlito that came out in 2014. In 2016 he composed the soundtrack for the movie “I Babysitter” by Giovanni Bognetti, remake of the 2014 french commedy “Babysitting”. Recently he worked for three different art movies, all produced by Sky Cinema and Sky Arte: “Firenze e gli Uffizi in 3D/4K”, “San Pietro e le Basiliche Papali 3D” and “Raffaello, il Principe delle Arti”, all followed by a great success.


In 2015 he worked with Boosta on the soundrack of “1992”, an italian political drama tv series presented at the Berlin Film Festival, premiered on Sky and distributed in many European countries. He also composed music for “Donne”, a Rai 1 series based on Andrea Camilleri's book. Moreover, he composed the soundtrack for the web series “Under-The Series”, created by Ivan Silvestrini in 2014. For this project he wins the “Best Original Score” award at “Roma Web Fest 2014”.


As a songwriter he wrote lyrics and music for important performers, like Andrea Bocelli (“Nelle Tue Mani” from “The Gladiator”) and La Crus (“Io Confesso” from 2011 Festival of Sanremo, written with Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi). He collaborated with Marianne Mirage for the song “Corri”, which is included in the new Pupi Avati’s tv project “Il Fulgore di Dony”. Moreover, he played with Levante during her last tour.

Matteo also worked on the music and the artistic production of Modho “Soluzioni” (2001). He collaborated with Luca Morino (frontman of the band Mau Mau) for the project “Mistic Turistic-Moleskine Ballads”, album and travelling show of music and images. He cured the artistic production of Roberta Carrieri’s album “Dico a Tutti Così” (finalist at the Tenco Award 2009 for best debut album) and “Orchidee” by Elisa Casile, winner of SanremoLab 2008.


Matteo works a lot with advertising too, creating music for many spots such as Heineken (in 2015 he composed a song for Mini Heineken, which had a worldwide resonance), Natuzzi and Italotreno, for which he created a complete new arrangement of “Azzurro” by Adriano Celentano.

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