Emilio Munda

Songwriter, arranger and composer Emilio Munda was born in 1982 into a family of musicians and learned to play the drums at the age of four. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Emilio became proficient in piano, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar and drums, before experimenting with modern singing.

Emilio’s creativity led him to start writing his own songs at an early age; he first gained exposure in 2008, when some of his compositions were chosen by Silvia Mezzanotte (since 1999 the lead singer of Matia Bazar) to be featured in her solo album "Lunatica". Of the two songs, "Ma il buio" and "Non c'è contatto, the latter was selected as the album’s debut single and accompanied by a video starring actress Carolina Crescentini. Emilio also arranged the singer’s summer single "Nell'aria", as well as creating the live performance arrangements for her "Lunatica Tour", such as "Intro", "Sequencer" and other instrumental parts.

Shortly afterwards, Emilio’s song "Un tuffo nel vuoto" was released as part of Pquadro’s "A24" album; Pquadro, a duo hailing from popular TV talent show "Amici di Maria De Filippi", were eventually among the winners at the 57th Sanremo Festival. Later on, Emilio acted as co-author and arranger for their single "Anime di vetro", featuring the collaboration of bassist "Cesare Chiodo" and Nomadi violinist Sergio Reggioli, with actor Federico Russo starring in the accompanying video.
Emilio wrote more music for "AMICI", including the show’s first original single "Il gusto del caffè". The song was performed by Valeria Romitelli, the first singer chosen to participate in the show’s primetime slot.

In 2008 Emilio wrote "Cerco ancora te", a single included in Umberto Tozzi’s "Non solo live" album. The song was later re-released in France, Belgium and Switzerland as part of "Yesterday”, the singer’s international greatest hits collection.
In 2010 Emilio Munda won an international songwriting competition held by singer Francesco Renga. After his victory, he was offered a 3 year exclusive contract to work with Renga himself. Munda’s original songs were released as part of Renga’s "Un giorno bellissimo" album, which was awarded a golden record at the 2011 Wind Music Awards. One of Emilio’s songs, "Di sogni e illusioni", was also included in "FERMOIMMAGINE DELUXE", Renga’s first greatest hits collection, released after the singer’s participation in the 62nd Sanremo Festival.

In 2013, Emilio Munda has signed up for an exclusive collaboration with Sugar..

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