Carnaby, the name of London's most famous street of the 60's, is a direct reference to the musical influences of the namesake band, made up by the Italian-American brothers Joseph and Vincent Sandonato and by Pietro Pelonero and Giuseppe Racalbuto.
The four musicians start playing together during the summer of 2010 in their hometown Canicattì and from that moment on they never stop touring the clubs and pubs of Sicily (alongside other experiences outside the island) with a voluminous repertoire of songs inspired by the best British Pop-rock of the 60's: Beatles, Rolling Stones and Kinks.

During this period of live perfomances while participating in a local festival for upcoming bands they meet the producer Fortunato Zampaglione who is touched by the band's talent and decides to start working with the boys.
Meanwhile, in April 2016, Carnaby move to the UK's most musical and artistic city: Bristol, where they establish themselves,make new experiences and search for new musical inspiration taking advantage of the rich environment to play London, Glastonbury, Leicester and Bristol.
Their songs have also been played by the prestigious BBC Radio. In January 2017, Italy calls them back with fantastic news: they are granted an audition with Caterina Caselli's indipendent label, Sugar Music in Milan, which offers them their first record contract upon seeing their talent and their desire to play. Nowadays they're in the studio working on their new album, due to be released in the upcoming months with the collaboration of Fortunato. Zampaglione.

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